Michael T. Coleman (Grafton)

Michael T. Coleman is the evil mastermind behind these Extraordinary Adventures. His dark past includes two decades of professional improvisational comedy throughout New England, Los Angeles, and Japan; a slew of theatre in Los Angeles and Boston, and studying under members of RADA and the Royal Shakespeare Company at Oxford...as well as film and television work of varying degrees (most recently, making the rounds in Asia in a co-star role for Harimaya Bridge, and making the rounds on the interwebs with School of Thrones, as "Littlefinger"). Michael can be heard voicing "Cody" in Super Street Fighter IV, co-hosting the web series "Trailer Trash" and in our sister-production Tales of the Extraordinary. Oh, and in neverending repeats of "Blind Date." He's the one with the mermaid.


Josh Burian-Mohr (Viktor)

Actor, artisan, and resident mad scientist. When not building creatures for Adventure, or losing his mind in music videos, Josh can be found studying Ceramics on the Glendale Community College campus. He also has a beard which may or may not be a sentient being.


Bradd Wesley Fillmann (Not-A-Robot, Walt Disney)

Though he would rather be credited as Walt Disney's Frozen Head, Bradd is actually a crafty creator of creatures and chaos. By day he is a set designer and props master for films such as The Artist, The Amazing Spider-Man, Gangster Squad, and Oz the Great & Powerful. He has the mutant ability to create whatever outrageous idea he can think of. Also, at the age of nineteen, Bradd became a member of the Royal American Circus, where he performed as a "Mighty Ninja" and snake wrangler. Think about that one for a while.


Bonnie Gordon (Angelyne)

Bonnie is a magical creature spawned from the musical theater section of Zeus's brain. A mainstay at Universal Studios, where she can be seen in the Special Effects Stage or Whoing it up in Who-ville, Bonnie also cavorts with the greatest magicians known to man at the Magic Castle. Most recently, her voice has been featured in Highlights (as in, the Magazine), and on-stage with a real Tesla Coil in "Pop Haydn in the 21st Century." Along with Matt, Chris, and Michael, Bonnie produces a steady stable of eccentric characters for Tales of the Extraordinary.


Taliesin Jaffe (The Overseer)

Taliesin Jaffe is the only member of the troupe to have a Wikipedia entry which calls him, "A professional voice-over artist, voice director, script writer, voice actor, and former child actor." Which we assume means former child, not former actor. He is known for directing and writing many English language anime titles for New Generation Pictures, most notably R.O.D the TV and Hellsing. His voice can be heard in a number of video game titles, especially as The Flash in Mortal Kombat vs. DC. Jaffe has also written many articles and spoken as a guest lecturer at universities, libraries, and conventions...when not being followed to the bathroom by fanboys.


Cary Kingdom (Ensemble)

Cary Kingdom has been with Adventure since the first episode in Los Angeles. Originally from Johnstown, New York, Cary has served the Adventure team as actor, writer, and dramaturg. Among the character's he's brought to the Adventure stage are Arlecchino the Leper, Tony White Sneakers, Crom the Inevitable and Ernest Hemmingway. He lives in Sherman Oaks, California, and, according to his hometown newspaper, passed away in 2002.


Matthew Mercer (Snake, The First)

Hailing from a rare-breed of human stock known as "aċt-ŏr", Matthew has wandered the land in search of a home for his talents and skills. He finally found himself in a number of independent films, stage shows, and ultimately voicing many characters in animation and video games, including World of Warcraft, Street Fighter 4 (Fei Long), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and the ThunderCats reboot on Cartoon Network (as Tygra). He also directed and produced the popular noir web-series There Will Be Brawl, where he portrayed the role of Ganondorf. While distracted by a delicious deli sandwich, Matthew walked into a camouflaged net which rendered him helpless and at the disposal of his captor, Michael T. Coleman. He has been forced into performing for Tales of the Extraordinary and Adventure ever since.


Marisha Ray (Barrett)

Helping to class the place up with her filthy, filthy mouth, Marisha is originally from Kentucky, but has since moved to LA to carve her way into the hearts (and debates) of folk all over the world. Generally hearts of the geeky variety. Though her appearances on film and web are too numerous to list, she is most proud of her work as the titular heroine in Batgirl: Spoiled, her numerous appearances on Machinima, and nearly drowning for UpdownUp's Angelica video.


Chris Rickabaugh (Captain Jack)

Chris hails from the great white northeast of Pennsylvania, where he graduated from Penn State before studying at Baron and Brown Studios. After shooting a pilot for "Ghosthunters PSI," he decided to make the move to California and its unforgiving heat. Chris can be found on the DVD "The Hall Monitor," as well as the upcoming short film, P.E.T.Z. (where his sword combat experience comes in) and his voice can often be found on the 1920's pulp radio drama "Tales of the Extraordinary" on your podcast dial. He also sings a mean power ballad.


Anne Valliant (Costume Designer)

We have no idea how she got in here, but she makes us look fabulous..." Anne has been a bartender, a teacher, a queen, a washer woman and, of all things, a housewife, but to us she's our costumer. And occasionally we toss her out on stage too. Want something specially made for yourselves? Ask her for a card!


Jennifer Zhang (Prop Ninja)

Prior to writing, producing and selling her first feature film in 2012 (Dead Inside), Jennifer garnered media attention and an internet fan base with her viral video game parodies, Street Fighter High and Street Fighter High: The Musical, along with her fan film Batman: Death Wish, which is today the second highest viewed dramatic Batman short on Youtube. While her newest passion is co-hosting, managing, and producing epic content for 1337LoungeLive, so that it may burgeon into a glorious dragon of unspeakable power and impenetrable armor, metaphorically speaking, she is also on the cusp of releasing her first nerdcore electronic/pop album, Jennifer vs. Verses.


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