It occurs to us that there are no doubt many who will come to the show who are unfamiliar with the format of such an unusual production. Thus, we present to you...the Frequently (Un)Asked Questions of Adventure!!
  1. What is this audience participation thing you speak of?
    Every episode of Adventure involves a dilemma or goal that is set up by the actors in the first scene or two. Eventually, they will need assistance in their endeavor...and that is where the audience comes in. Up to six people are chosen from the audience to be part of the show for the night, to follow the main character and aid them. While the show is scripted and rehearsed, all that goes out the window once the audience characers sets foot on stage.

  2. Wait, am I going to be forced to be on stage??
    Whoa, now...settle down, Beavis! Being chosen is purely voluntary. If you wish to get up and test your mettle in front of a crowd, just fill out a Character Card in the lobby. If you like to watch people destroy our finely crafted tale (it's called shadenfreude, kiddies!), just have a seat in the audience and laugh it up.

  3. What do I have to write on the character cards?
    Just three simple things. A character name (nothing too offensive, please); what manner of creature you be (Dwarf, Mutant, Troll, etc.); and your character's lot in life (a bandit, a doctor, a wandering snake salesman). We will also take a picture of you when you sign up and print it onto the Character Card for use in future episodes. If you're curious, you can download an image of the card.
  4. You keep calling them episodes. What's that all about?
    Well, each show is an original story and part of a larger arc. An episode in a greater tale, that unfolds over the course of a season. In this case, a six-part storyline.

  5. That means I have to come to every show to see what happens next, huh?
    Now yer gettin' it!

  6. And so six parts of a monthly show...how long does this go on?
    The last Monday of every month (unless a conflict with the theater arises), from January - April, and then the last Tuesday from May - July. Just to keep you on your toes. The final show is a (very) special episode in which audience-favorites from previous shows are automatically chosen to take part in their own Adventure! Should they survive, they are given special enhancements (based on their character), and a guest spot in the next Adventure Short Film.

  7. Ooo, spiffy. How do you know who the audience considers their favorite each show?
    Simple. You, the spectators, vote for them. A phone number will be provided on your program. Just text us with the name of the character that you thought was most entertaining, or most helpful, or just most attractive. Doesn't matter. Oh, and don't try to get all American Idol on us...only one vote per phone number. The future is now!

  8. But what if I miss a show? Will I be totally lost next time I watch?
    Nope. Every show will be taped, edited down, and put up on the Facebook page and this website so everyone can see what happened, "Previously on Adventure!" There, you will also find the short films we produce in-between seasons to tie them together. Think of it as an interactive theater/internet series.

  9. What's this I hear about combat?
    It's a violent world in the far future. And complex things like firearms and ammunition are virtually non-existent. So people tend to take out their grievances with melee weapons such as swords, hammers, pipes, etc. But don't worry, any combat that takes place on stage will be in slow-motion. We don't want untrained audience characters maiming us or each other, after all. Any fast movement is could cause a rip in space and time, so do be careful.

  10. Okay. And did I hear there is magic?
    Or something damn near like it. The Widget, when held, can alter reality itself to do nearly anything the holder demands. To activate the Widget, though, you must speak a selected passcode. Otherwise, it will ignore everything you say. Then issue a command in exactly FOUR words. No more, no less. It's harder than it sounds, and keeps people on their toes. The tutorial video below should help.

  11. What kind of world is this?
    Same as yours: Earth. Though no one really calls it that now. It's the far future and things have not turned out well. Various races have evolved over the centuries from the human populace. Resources are rare if they even exist at all. Most of the world has reverted to a medieval culture, but small pockets of science and technology remain. What happened to the world will be explored throughout the seasons, as well as the personal story of the heroes.

  12. So...it's Thundarr the Barbarian?
    Shut up! Okay, yes, it's Thundarr the Barbarian. Mixed with Dungeon Master.

  13. A what, now?
    A long-running theatrical show that a number of cast members write, produce, direct, and perform with that has a very similar format. But a bit more fantasy. Definitely less sci-fi. Look em up here: http://www.the-dungeonmaster.com

    Most of the rest of the cast come from the notorious pulp-adventure radio serial, Tales of the Extraordinary, which has more super science than fantasy. Natch. Find them here: http://www.emptysea.net/tote

  14. Did you just plug your other shows?

  15. Okay, last question. What's the ticket situation?
    $10. If you wish to add to the atmosphere of the event, come in costume (some effort required...a cowboy hat will not suffice). But it's a straight $10 all around. Even if you are just coming to watch. It's a party, y'all!