Do you need to catch up on Adventure? Or are you just wondering what all the fuss is about? Look no further, and feast your eyeballs on the episode recaps here!

Season Two

Season Two Prequel
Find out what has happened since Grafton joined the Agency, as the villain for the second season is revealed. Guest-starring audience characters, Trem and Visriel. The Agency has augmented the abilities of one and completely replaced the missing...ass...of another. But replaced with what?
Adventure #201: Medieval Time
As Grafton and the audience characters journey through time to the Middle Ages to acquire a long-lost item of great power, little do they know that a certain familiar Necromancer has besieged their location with hordes of undead...
ADVENTURE: Angelyne's Secret Mission - Part 1
After the attack from the Mutant Mice, The Overseer sends Angelyne on a secret mission to infiltrate their lair. What could possibly go wrong?
Adventure #202: Adventure of the Extraordinary
Tales of the Extraordinary and Adventure cross over as the Agency sends Captain jack to the early 20th Century to retrieve an item from Dr. von Kliegel...and item that can alter time and space.
ADVENTURE: Angelyne's Secret Mission - Part 2
The Adventure Continues! Angelyne has been abducted by the Frozen Head of Walt Disney, who is now menacing her with a villanous monologue. Meanwhile, back at The Agency, the rescue team is ready to go, along with the resident IT specialist and...definitely not Barrett.
Adventure #203: In Soviet Russia, Adventure Joins You!
Grafton acquires a team of slaves from the Cherenkov Wastes and is sent back in time to 1968, a land full of rampant smoking, drinking, and misogyny. Their mission: to find a cosmonaut! Unfortunately, asking for one in the middle of Cape Canaveral at the height of the Cold War might not be a good idea.
ADVENTURE: Angelyne's Secret Mission - Part 3
When last we saw Angelyne, she had been stunned by a mysterious figure while being held captive by Walt Disney's Frozen Head. Typical Tuesday for Adventure. Discover now who kidnapped her from her kidnappers...and why!
Adventure #204: Stop! Barrett Time!
While Captain Jack and Grafton are infiltrating Disney's Lair only to find that Angelyne is missing, Barrett has stolen the Widget and gone looking for the robots who kidnapped her. Along the way, she'll meet Barbarian Slave Womyn, rapping robots, and her old pimp. Hilarity will ensue.
ADVENTURE: Angelyne's Secret Mission - Conclusion
The Rescue Team arrives at Disney's Lair to Angelyne! However, Elso uncovers something that could be very useful to The Overseer.

Following the events of the previous Adventure stage show, Angelyne returns to the Agency just in time to overhear the most important news of her life.
Adventure #205: Totally 80s!
Recap for last month's totally tubular episode of Adventure, as Angelyne goes in search of a mythical builder of starships, George Lucas, in coke-fueled 1985.
Adventure #206: Time Bandits!
The Mutant Mickey Mice have attacked the Agency and all hell is breaking loose. A team of Mice have killed Barrett (again) and taken everything the Agency has acquired during the previous episodes. Now, a team led by Elso must hunt them through time and get them back...and all of existence hangs in the balance. Special appearances by a few unusual Doctors, as well. And Hitler.
Adventure #207: World of Tomorrow Past - Part One
As the 'Big D' personally assaults The Agency keep, The Overseer sends Graton and Elso twenty years in the past to a Waterworld-like Orlando in an effort to stop Disney's Frozen Head from ever unthawing in the first place. They will encounter slavers, killer Small World robots, and a certain mermaid turned siren.
Adventure #207: World of Tomorrow Past - Part Two
The conclusion to the epic tale! Learn secrets about Angelyne and Elso. Marvel at the robot on robot final battle between Roy Disney and Walt. Look on in terror as a deranged Tinkerbell tortures the away team...and a certain baby.
ADVENTURE #208: Crisis in Infinite Motels
The season Two Finale sees all of reality reduces to the size of one motel room. There is no more multi-verse, just the Motel-verse. And somehow the random guy in the bathrobe is behind it all.

Season One

Adventure: Prequel
In this prequel, Grafton and a plucky band of adventurers break into the mysterious Agency and escape with the help of the Widget.
Adventure #101
Starting where the prequel left off, Grafton returns from his mission to steal the "Widget" only to learn it needs an energy source to recharge it. Unfortunately, the fuel rods needed are within the radioactive Cherenkov Wastes.

Time to hire some help and venture Adventure! Along the way, his travelling party will encounter apothecaries, techno-trolls, and an amorous radioactive trash heap. Oh, and they will learn that a symptom of rabies is hydrophobia, which can be quite unfortunate when one is stuck in a raft on a river.

Adventure #102
We continue to follow Grafton's adventures through the Cherenkov Wastes. In this episode, we meet not-a-robot, a terrified band of mutants, rogue actors, and the Radioactive Barbarian Slave Girls, as he journeys through the Wastes to crash a wedding!
Adventure #103
Having acquired the fuel rods with which to power the "Widget," Grafton returns from the Cherenkov Wastes to find that his Weapons Master, Barrett, has gone to the Ministry of Truth without him to seek vengeance for the slaughter of his people. He and a band of adventurers must disguise themselves as monks and infiltrate the Ministry to find their leader, The First. But he is waiting for them. And he has a Boris.
Adventure #104
Following the events of the previous episode, we journey now to the island prison of Neo-Tokyo. The Agency sends their nearest agent, Snake, to retrieve the Widget and Grafton. What transpires is best described as surreal: Biker Gangs, Bad Dubbing, Kaiju Battles, and...Hard Gay!
(Now with multiple camera angles and subtitles!)
Adventure #105
Having rescued the Widget and Stan from the island prison of Neo-Tokyo, the Agency has learned of Grafton's whereabouts...and the Overseer wants to have a chat with him. But first, they have to rescue him from the Ministry of Truth!
Adventure #106
The First and the Ministry of Truth destroyed, Grafton is asked to join the Agency. That's a lot of "The" names, huh? Like The Killers or The Strokes.

Where were we? Oh, yes! Grafton and select members of his adventuring companions over the past few episodes have been invited to become agents by the Overseer. Again with the "The!" Ahem. One small catch: They have to help him with a special project first. They have to collect body parts to be used for the creation of a new lifeform. With a very special brain...
Adventure Trailer
Welcome to Adventure: a stage show where the main characters
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