A Fan Letter!

Posted By admin on June 4, 2011

We received this glowing letter of praise from a fan in Tallahassee just as our tour kicked off, and we wished to share it with the world:

“Years ago, I saw a flyer for a CD release party (which I had already missed) for a group called Curious Echo Radio Theater. A link on their site led me to 19 Nocturne Boulevard, and from there a universe of audio drama opened up to me, a universe that I had no idea was there. Your show has been one of the stars in that universe.

I have been a video editor for about 20 years, so I know that there is a lot of work behind your shows, just on the post-production side of it. But I also know there is a ton of work even before the first word is spoken into the microphone: the writing, the rewriting, the casting, the rehearsing, and all the other things it takes to make a production work. For your show, you have the additional challenge of finding venues for your live shows. And because that’s not enough of a challenge for you, you’ve decided to take the whole show on the road for a west coast tour! My hat’s off to you!

I mentioned that I found your site through finding 19 Nocturne Boulevard. Hearing you on her shows, and hearing her on yours, graphically illustrates that there really is a community of artists who make their works almost entirely through sheer determination, cooperation with like-minded souls, and a love of their craft. A short time ago, Julie was kind enough to allow me to work on a couple of pieces she had written for her show, which was a pleasure for me, and it afforded me the opportunity to contribute to an artist and a genre that had been such a source of happiness for me.

I don’t think I can do anything like that for your show, so the least I can do is contribute to such a worthy cause. Please keep up the good work. I truly enjoy and appreciate all the work you’re doing.

Say hi to Julie for me!”


Julie is, of course, our new Vesper Kingsley since the “To Russia With Love” story arc. She reprised her role in Seattle on the tour (which went well, btw). We’re editing the episodes now! Really!


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