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Your friends at Tales of the Extraordinary have found many strange and wonderous things as they crisscross the globe in search of fantastic adventure! Regrettably, the Crown of Khan, the Daedelus, and those other wonders are not for sale.

But fear not, loyal listeners. Doctor von Kleigel has concocted a most marvellous invention: an ingenious silver disc, which contains an entire story arc in mp3 format, so you may absorb the Extraordinary in your home, on your computation device, while you are motoring, or give them as thoughtful gifts! Do peruse the menu below to see what is available!

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Some of our listeners may not be able to play data CDs on their audio devices. Please indicate when you are checking out that you wish to purchase audio CDs instead. If your phonograph does not play audio CDs, a trip to the local electronics mercantile may be in order.

Listeners who want to boast about their love of adventure on their garments may visit our new, improved, and ultra-modern Web Store. There, one may attire yourself in the Extraordinary, paste the Extraordinary into a scrap-book, or affix the Extraordinary to an icebox with the power of magnetism!

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If any of our fearless listeners would like to suggest an Extraordinary product that we do not yet have, please send your ideas to league@emptysea.net and we will endeavour to fulfill your consumerist desires.

Gentle listener: Tales of the Extraordinary is no inexpensive radio serial! In the past year alone, we have had to replace two Ungawas, convert the Daedalus to run on bio-diesel, and make reparations to the French for the inadvertent damage to their Eiffel Tower. We are currently raising money for the Unknown's legal fees-- an expensive proposition indeed! If you enjoy what you hear, but need no swag, please be a jolly good chap, and click the donation monkey. Thank you!