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Michael T. Coleman

Michael T. Coleman is the evil mastermind behind these Extraordinary Tales. His dark past includes two decades of professional improvisational comedy throughout New England, Los Angeles, and Japan; a slew of theatre in Los Angeles and Boston, and studying under members of RADA and the Royal Shakespeare Company at Oxford...as well as film and television work of varying degrees (most recently, making the rounds in Asia in a co-star role for Harimaya Bridge, and making the rounds in film festivals with Dada). Michael can be heard voicing "Cody" in Super Street Fighter IV, co-hosting the web series "Trailer Trash" and in our sister-production Adventure in Hollywood. Oh, and in neverending repeats of "Blind Date." He's the one with the mermaid.


Jordan Byrne

Jordan is a Jack-Of-All-Trades by trade, working as a freelance film & video producer, director & editor most of his time. He spends the remaining time pursuing opportunities as an actor and voice-talent for animation and video games. Recently, he became a founding member of The RAIZEcollective, and LA-based group of DJs, VJs, visuals artists, programmers and cultural engineers, who organize and promote events to showcase cutting-edge Media, art, and sustainable technologies. In addition to his many roles in "Tales Of The Extraordinary", he plans to become famous on the internet with his portrayal of Bowser in the popular webseries "There Will Be Brawl".


Donna Casey

Donna grew up in Austin, Texas where she was encouraged to try acting after being spotted in a mall by a local talent scout. After landing a supporting role in her first big film "The Faculty", she moved up to New York to continue studying and landed more leading roles in independent features. Then it was time to make the move to L.A. to give it a go in the world of television and film. She's been here just a short time and has already been cast in a recurring role on "The Bold and the Beautiful". Currently, Donna has a lead in a short film called "Blood Makes Noise" that has just been accepted into another prestigious film festival and is being developed into a feature. Donna has also developed a production company called “Ladies Lunch Productions” with the focus on television shows designed to help women and teens in the community.


Spenser Coates

Spenser arrived on the planet in a past decade. For the first several years of her life she had NO IDEA of what was going on. Ahhh, childhood. Then she went to college. Had a GREAT time. The colleges have yet to recover. For an eon or so after college, Spenser worked for various government agencies. Yet again, she had NO IDEA of what was going on. Ahhh, working for government agencies. Spenser finally came to her senses, quit the government agencies, and became an actor. She feels that she has been extremely successful in her endeavors despite several setbacks: She has never appeared in a dinner theatre production of a Wagner opera. She was never been cast in a mini-series. She has never been a stand in for Julia Roberts. No one in the business has told her to start writing her Academy Award speech.


Mindy Fortune

Long ago, when she was just a little Mindy, she would spend her days making home movies for her ever-growing fan base (mostly just her parents). With the glimmer of show biz in her eye, Mindy dreamt of one day living behind the big H in Hollywood. Alas, she made the trek to California after graduating from Towson University, leaving behind her huge fan base (mostly just her parents). Upon arriving, she quickly went to stake out her property behind the big H only to find that it is built on the side of a huge hill and it really did not seem to have any room to fit her glorious dream house. So, instead, she went about performing at IO West and producing her own insane shorts starring muppets. No, really. Mindy also appears in the notorious Dungeon Master show in Hollywood.


Bonnie Gordon

Bonnie is a magical creature spawned from the musical theater section of Zeus's brain. A mainstay at Universal Studios, where she can be seen in the Special Effects Stage or Whoing it up in Who-ville, Bonnie also cavorts with the greatest magicians known to man at the Magic Castle. Most recently, her voice has been featured in Highlights (as in, the Magazine), and on-stage with a real Tesla Coil in "Pop Haydn in the 21st Century." Along with Matt, Taliesin, Chris, and Michael, Bonnie produces a steady stable of eccentric characters for ADVENTURE.


Taliesin Jaffe

Taliesin Jaffe is the only member of the troupe to have a Wikipedia entry which calls him, "A professional voice-over artist, voice director, script writer, voice actor, and former child actor." Which we assume means former child, not former actor. He is known for directing and writing many English language anime titles for New Generation Pictures, most notably R.O.D the TV and Hellsing. His voice can be heard in a number of video game titles, especially as The Flash in Mortal Kombat vs. DC. Jaffe has also written many articles and spoken as a guest lecturer at universities, libraries, and conventions...when not being followed to the bathroom by fanboys.


Nathan Johnson

A native of Bell Buckle, TN, Nathan G Johnson first came to Los Angeles to study theater as an undergrad at UCLA. He now makes his living as a blue-collar actor, hustling for commercials, voice-over work, bit tv parts and the occasional cheap flick. Most recently he starred in a western... cell phone commercial... in Poland (you can check it out on nathangjohnson.com) Nathan lives happily in Monterey Hills with his charming wife, Yuki and their freaking super-cute baby, Alice.




Joseph (of Windows to Sky) grew up on Burns and Allen, Jack Benny, The Whistler, Dobie Gillis, and Suspense, right alongside G-Force, Kate and Allie, The New Facts of Life, and scrambled softcore porn. He lends his buckets of voice to "Vipo the Flying Wonderdog" as well as many "Tales" characters, but mostly it is the centrepiece of the quirky harmonic acoustic band Windows to Sky. In muter times, he is a writer, an audio producer, a video editor, a programmer, an art model, and a silks aerialist.



Donald Marshall

Donald Marshall is both Hawaiian and Icelandic. He is genetically confused. He is also the cohost of a long running podcast called Geeks On where he talks about life in the video game industry and many other fun, geeky topics. Though he tries his best to evade Mr. Coleman, Donald keeps getting roped into his pulpy adventures. He also plays a mean - very mean - game of Arkham Horror.



Matthew Mercer

Hailing from a rare-breed of human stock known as "aċt-ŏr", Matthew has wandered the land in search of a home for his talents and skills. He finally found himself in a number of independent films, stage shows, and ultimately voicing many characters in animation and video games, including World of Warcraft, Street Fighter 4 (Fei Long), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and the ThunderCats reboot on Cartoon Network (as Tygra). He also directed and produced the popular noir web-series There Will Be Brawl, where he portrayed the role of Ganondorf. While distracted by a delicious deli sandwich, Matthew walked into a camouflaged net which rendered him helpless and at the disposal of his captor, Michael T. Coleman. He has been forced into performing for Tales of the Extraordinary ever since.



Chris Rickabaugh

Chris hails from the great white northeast of Pennsylvania, where he graduated from Penn State before studying at Baron and Brown Studios. After shooting a pilot for "Ghosthunters PSI," he decided to make the move to California and its unforgiving heat. Chris can be found on the DVD "The Hall Monitor," as well as the upcoming short film, P.E.T.Z. (where his sword combat experience comes in) and his voice can often be found on the 1920's pulp radio drama "Tales of the Extraordinary" on your podcast dial. He also sings a mean power ballad.



Justina Sexton

From the great plains of the Midwest, Justi was delivered unto Los Angeles to...be a koala. Though her early appearances on the show were either animals or boys, she has helped to highlight the unfortunate dearth of female characters. Justi has also taken it upon herself to become the assistant researcher for the show, as most stories start from actual historical events. She also swings a mean hoola hoop and prefers drinking wine with a straw.



Matt Yamashita

Race: Human
Class: Cleric
Alignment: Chaotic Shatner

+2 saving throw against success

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